Static shock prank


Anonymous2014-07-25 at 00:52:13Reply
Step 1) Get onto someone’s coeptumr when they’re not around and screen-capture their desktop.Step 2) Save this image onto their coeptumr somewhere they won’t find it, then set this image as their desktop background.Step 3) They won’t notice the difference at first, because everything will look like it did before. That is, until they start trying to move icons around on their desktop and find that there’s a non-movable image stuck beneath it (part of the background), that can’t be altered or deleted no matter how much they try. Watch their head explode as they try to figure out what the hell’s wrong with their coeptumr.I did this to my sister and my Dad was on the phone to the coeptumr company for hours. In the end he just threw it out. lolxx